luni, 3 noiembrie 2014

Serge Ramelli - Tutoriale 17

Serge Ramelli este un fotograf francez cu o bogată colecție de tutoriale gratuite pe canalul său de YouTube:
Serge Ramelli's Free Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials Channel

Which Composition is Better: Wide Angle or Panoramas? - PLP #160

Making a “Lord of the Rings” Landscape with an ND Filter - PLP #161

Lightroom Retouching Workflow - PLP #162

Creating a Fine Art Dramatic Black and White with Tonality Pro - PLP #163

Making an HDR of a Photo Shot Into the Sun with Photomatix 5.0 - PLP #164

Cool Trick in Lightroom to Make Your Autumn Photos Awesome! - PLP #165

Lightroom Tutorials: Two Different Ways to Retouch a Sunset - PLP #166

Cool Tricks for Panoramas in Difficult Light Conditions - PLP #167

Lifestyle Portrait Shot Straight Into the Sun - PLP #168

Awesome Retouching Tip for Photo Taken from an Airplane with Macphun Tonality Pro - PLP #169

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