vineri, 2 ianuarie 2015

Serge Ramelli - Tutoriale 18

Serge Ramelli este un fotograf francez cu o bogată colecție de tutoriale gratuite pe canalul său de YouTube:
Serge Ramelli's Free Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials Channel

Sunset Landscape In the Wild Challenge Results and Photo Critiques! - PLP #170

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How to Create a Gallery, Share It and Get Feedback with the New Lightroom 5.7 - PLP #172

Starting in Photography? Here are My Tips for What Camera Gear to Buy - PLP #173

How to Shoot and Retouch Night Photos! - PLP #174

How to Optimize Your Portfolio to Get More Business as a Photographer - PLP #175

Autopano Pro Vs. Photoshop, Another Great Way to Make Panoramas - PLP #176

StarWars Yoda HDR Portrait, a Photomatix Tutorial - PLP #177

The Secret to One of My Favorite Photos, #Lightroom Tutorial - PLP #178

Interior Design Challenge Winner Announced and Tips and Tricks! - PLP #179

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