duminică, 27 iulie 2014

Serge Ramelli - Tutoriale 4

Serge Ramelli este un fotograf francez cu o bogată colecție de tutoriale gratuite pe canalul său de YouTube:
Serge Ramelli's Free Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials Channel

Retouching photos with Photoshop CS 6 Training course - Camera raw basics

Dynamic Range Increase (DRI), Digital Blending Masking & Layers in Photoshop - PLP #30

Replacing a White Sky to a Sunset in Photoshop - PLP #31

Getting Started with the Right Photo Gear - PLP #32

How to Make an HDR Photo in Lightroom using LR Enfuse - PLP #33

How to Use Masks and Layers to Blend Multiple Exposures in Photoshop - PLP #34

The secret to great black and white Photography Lightroom 4 Tutorial - PLP #35

How to Shoot and Retouch a Photo Taken Straight into the Sun - PLP #36

How to Add Drama by Retouching with the Brush Tools Tutorial Lightroom 4 - PLP #37

Secrets to Interior Design Photography & Retouching with Lightroom/Photoshop PLP #38

How to Shoot and Retouch a Small Room with Lightroom & Photoshop - PLP #39

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