luni, 28 iulie 2014

Serge Ramelli - Tutoriale 5

Serge Ramelli este un fotograf francez cu o bogată colecție de tutoriale gratuite pe canalul său de YouTube:
Serge Ramelli's Free Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials Channel

Great tips on photography by Mike Browne

Introduction to Lightroom 5 - PLP #40

How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool to Remove Tourists with Photoshop - PLP #41

How to Shoot and Merge Panoramas in Lightroom & Photoshop - PLP #42

How to Erase Tourist and Simulate Long Exposure with Photoshop - PLP #43

How to add clouds and drama to a boring photo Photoshop CS 6 tutorial - PLP #44

How to create a vintage look for portraits or weddings using Lightroom 4 presets tutorial- PLP #45

How to make an amazing landscape photo with Lightroom 4 - PLP #46

Tutorial Multiple exposures blending Lightroom and Photoshop PLP #47

Lightroom 5 Retouching tutorial - PLP #48

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